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Winter walks and muddy boots

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A little story for your Monday morning. I'm not much for hibernating, I start to feel a bit claustrophobic, my imagination shackled and withering (insert dramatic sigh). So my children have followed me in my winter walks- determined excursions with the point of finding beauty and fresh air. My oldest is full of adventure and curiosity and nature is an excellent educator. It warmed up a bit this week which meant my littlest could walk, instead of being carried in our Ergo. The cuteness was almost too much to bear! 


On our way home K found a pinecone. "Wook Mommy! A baby pinecone! 


"What! It not hab babies in it!" Once he discovered it "not hab babies" and wasn't edible, he threw it to the dogs. Why he was confused, I don't know. We regularly hunt for pinecones, they're not a novelty to him! Crazy kid. 

Sweet needy nursling

Sweet needy nursling

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We walked and played for over an hour until this happened. I decided you aren't a bad mom to take your sick-ish child outside to play, but you might be a bad mom if you keep him out after his feet get wet. ;) 


Taking your children outside before spring can be daunting. Most of us manage to get out a few times to play in the best snowfalls of the year but I know many who don't seem to go outside past that. Maybe it's not your cup of tea. Or maybe it just seems like so much work- especially if you have more than 1 kid. If you'd like to be that person who manages to get outside during winter to do more than just run to the car, here are a few tips: I take Karsten out to play at least once a week, if not more. When it's too cold for babies we go during Isaac's nap time and it isn't for very long. That lessens the work required to get out the door. It's SO helpful to have EVERYTHING by the door before you mention your plan. When we walk before dinner, Isaac is often carried in the Ergo. I've also heard from several people that carriers painful to wear. If you're using a Bjorn or original Infantino- of course it's uncomfortable! I don't know who made those things but I'm pretty sure they never carried a baby in it. I have moderate lower back problems and find the Ergo perfectly comfortable. There are now some great copy cats for cheap prices. We bought the Ergo for it's durability to last through several children and the fact that it fits my 5'4 self and 6'6 husband. AWESOME. Here are a few links! 

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