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Tissue paper pom pom mobile

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Hi I'm Domestic Felicity and we're going to be making a tissue paper pompom mobile for a nursery. Tissue paper pompoms are common decorations. You might already know how to make them. They make really impressive large party decor. But we're going to be using them to make an unconventional baby mobile. To make a large pompom I'm going to be using...

* 2 packages of tissue paper (8 sheets to package)
* Scissors or wire cutters
* Wire

Iā€™m a sucker for these things. They remind me of peonies or ballerina skirts which reminds of me of Edgar Degas. It makes me happy.

Lay them on top of each other and start folding. This is going to make a really large and full pompom. To make a smaller but full one just take your one package of tissue paper and cut it in half. Lay the 2 halves on half of each other and fold it in the opposite direction than we're going to be folding it. For this one we're going to take both ends put together. Fold them in an inch to an inch and a half increments. Then we're going to fold it in the other direction. You just keep folding it until you reach the very end.

Now before we go any farther I'm going to take a length of wire. Make sure it's fairly long for this project. Clip it and then find the middle of your folded tissue paper. Taking your wire we're just going to twist it to attach it. I like to trim the ends of my pompoms in a half circle so it gives it a floral look.

Once you have your pompom cut we're going to start spreading apart the layers. I like to start in the middle and then spread from there. This can prevent tearing. If you use really cheap tissue paper it will rip apart in shreds and you won't have much left. I've done that before. So..spend the money on a half way decent package of tissue paper and you'll have a product that lasts longer.

I'm a sucker for these things. They remind me of peonies or ballerina skirts which reminds of me of Edgar Degas. It makes me happy. Once you spread out the layers of paper use your hands to fill in any holes where there might be some missing and then you're done with your pompoms! You can also make small pompoms so you have a variation in size and color. Now to make our mobile we're going to be connecting several of the pompoms together creating kind of a bouquet of pompoms that hang above the crib. I find it easiest to start at the bottom and work my way up. I'm going to use this pink one for my bottom then attaching as you go. Now that we've twisted all the wires together our colorful pompom mobile is ready to be hung up. To hang your mobile first pre-drill a hole. Then screw in the eye bolt. String your mobile through the eye hole and twist the wires until they're tight. This tissue decoration makes a bold and stunning nursery mobile. Thanks for watching and have fun guys!