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How to Make an Easy Fabric Flower Hair CIip

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Hi guys this is domestic felicity and today we’re going to be making an easy fabric flower hair clip! This is a great way to repurpose an old shirt! For this project we’re going to be using a polyester shirt, scissors, glue gun, a candle, piece of felt, elastic, alligator clip and hot glue gun. The type of shirt is very important. The best polyester that will curl nicely won’t have a firm shiny texture. Slippery shiny textures are often good. Also, the thick weave matte texture will often not work well either. This is a medium-lightweight polyester shirt with a matte feel. Experimenting will quickly give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t! I bought this shirt for $1.50 at a thrift store and it can be used several times on different projects! First I’m going to cut out a rectangle of fabric and fold it over several times so I can cut out a large circles or ovals then medium and small. You can clip these to slightly different shapes and sizes if you’d like. Next, using our candle we’re going to melt the edges. Don’t get it too close or it will singe! I like to use all natural soy candles. They burn clean, you can get pure, all natural fragrances and they’re a great way to support local businesses! This is made by Hanna at HEH crafts. You can find her at GO support local crafters! Ok, anyways... :) Once all of your edges are melted we’re going to start gluing them together from biggest to smallest staggering how they’re placed. Once you get to the last couple of “petals” I like to pinch them in a bit or you can place a button or beads there. Next using our felt I like to cut a large enough circle to cover the bottom to give our flower some structure. Not so large it will be seen. Cut a small slit to slide your alligator clip into and use a good amount of glue to secure it. If you’d like to make your own headband for it, stretchy headband elastic is great! I’m going to be using basic 1/2 inch elastic to demonstrate. Take a rectangular piece of felt and glue the 2 ends of your measured piece of elastic together. All done! Thanks so much for watch and have fun!