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How to Make a Braided Headband Using Repurposed Clothing

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SO fun and easy! 

Hi, I’m Domestic Felicity and this how to make an easy no sew jersey headband. This is a great project for repurposing tee shirts! We’ll be using a glue gun, scissors, and jersey fabric and that’s all! FIrst we’ll be cutting out 2 strips of fabric. You Want them to be 36-48 inches long depending on who you’re making it for. Its better to be too long than too short.

Next cut the end seam off. Then we’re going to cut from the bottom to top following the knit. Next we’re going to fold this panel in half and cut along the crease. Next taking each panel we’re going to stretch it causing the ends to roll giving it a finished look. Lay it down like a ribbon, then we’re going to make a U shape with the second strip of fabric overlapping the ribbon. Take the left hand ribbon end and put it over the U, the end that’s under stays under. Take the opposite end, lay it under the top of the ribbon. Taking the other end we’re going to go over, under, over. Then very gently start pulling on the end of the ribbon. you don’t want to leave it too loose but you don’t want it too tight either. Cut out a 2-3 inch long rectangle. Be careful to not burn yourself. Put a row of glue on the long side of one end and fold over to create a smooth seam. It’s at this point you want to try the headband on the person you’re making it for, or measure it to trim it to the correct size. It’s important to keep your ends smooth. Apply some glue and then lay your fabric on top of the glue. Smooth out the other side, apply some glue and lay it down eveningly, pressing firmly. Put more glue on top and take one end and press it down, I’m kind of bunching it. Then apply some more glue and lay the other side down. This is is a super cute way to make your own headbands and you can make it out of any jersey you have around! Thanks for watching!