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How to Make an Easy Fabric Flower Hair CIip

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Hi guys this is domestic felicity and today we’re going to be making an easy fabric flower hair clip! This is a great way to repurpose an old shirt! For this project we’re going to be using a polyester shirt, scissors, glue gun, a candle, piece of felt, elastic, alligator clip and hot glue gun. The type of shirt is very important. The best polyester that will curl nicely won’t have a firm shiny texture. Slippery shiny textures are often good. Also, the thick weave matte texture will often not work well either. This is a medium-lightweight polyester shirt with a matte feel. Experimenting will quickly give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t! I bought this shirt for $1.50 at a thrift store and it can be used several times on different projects! First I’m going to cut out a rectangle of fabric and fold it over several times so I can cut out a large circles or ovals then medium and small. You can clip these to slightly different shapes and sizes if you’d like. Next, using our candle we’re going to melt the edges. Don’t get it too close or it will singe! I like to use all natural soy candles. They burn clean, you can get pure, all natural fragrances and they’re a great way to support local businesses! This is made by Hanna at HEH crafts. You can find her at GO support local crafters! Ok, anyways... :) Once all of your edges are melted we’re going to start gluing them together from biggest to smallest staggering how they’re placed. Once you get to the last couple of “petals” I like to pinch them in a bit or you can place a button or beads there. Next using our felt I like to cut a large enough circle to cover the bottom to give our flower some structure. Not so large it will be seen. Cut a small slit to slide your alligator clip into and use a good amount of glue to secure it. If you’d like to make your own headband for it, stretchy headband elastic is great! I’m going to be using basic 1/2 inch elastic to demonstrate. Take a rectangular piece of felt and glue the 2 ends of your measured piece of elastic together. All done! Thanks so much for watch and have fun!


How to Make a Braided Headband Using Repurposed Clothing

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SO fun and easy! 

Hi, I’m Domestic Felicity and this how to make an easy no sew jersey headband. This is a great project for repurposing tee shirts! We’ll be using a glue gun, scissors, and jersey fabric and that’s all! FIrst we’ll be cutting out 2 strips of fabric. You Want them to be 36-48 inches long depending on who you’re making it for. Its better to be too long than too short.

Next cut the end seam off. Then we’re going to cut from the bottom to top following the knit. Next we’re going to fold this panel in half and cut along the crease. Next taking each panel we’re going to stretch it causing the ends to roll giving it a finished look. Lay it down like a ribbon, then we’re going to make a U shape with the second strip of fabric overlapping the ribbon. Take the left hand ribbon end and put it over the U, the end that’s under stays under. Take the opposite end, lay it under the top of the ribbon. Taking the other end we’re going to go over, under, over. Then very gently start pulling on the end of the ribbon. you don’t want to leave it too loose but you don’t want it too tight either. Cut out a 2-3 inch long rectangle. Be careful to not burn yourself. Put a row of glue on the long side of one end and fold over to create a smooth seam. It’s at this point you want to try the headband on the person you’re making it for, or measure it to trim it to the correct size. It’s important to keep your ends smooth. Apply some glue and then lay your fabric on top of the glue. Smooth out the other side, apply some glue and lay it down eveningly, pressing firmly. Put more glue on top and take one end and press it down, I’m kind of bunching it. Then apply some more glue and lay the other side down. This is is a super cute way to make your own headbands and you can make it out of any jersey you have around! Thanks for watching!

How to Frame a Print Like a {poor} Boss

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Let's say you you have a print you'd like to frame. You have the frame and the print but NOTHING ELSE. What's a hack homemaker to do? I had some left over mat board but not a mat knife. Even if I did I am pretty sure I would cut off a finger because that's what I do. I did have crap scissors and some cotton lace I'd been saving for a special project. It's been 5 years and that special project hasn't come. You could also use ribbon, I've done that and didn't hate it.

Here's the deal: I would go out and buy awesome frames if I could. I do prefer more modern frames but I don't have the money to buy more materials. What I do have are hack skills to make something to give character to my walls. Ideal? No. Pretty? Yup. I'm happy enough with it. Over achiever? Nope. 

Less chatty more tutorial. Here ya' are ladies. 

Print and background card stock, poster board or mat board? Check. You could even use 2 layers of construction paper.

Print and background card stock, poster board or mat board? Check. You could even use 2 layers of construction paper.

Useable frame? Check

Useable frame? Check

Glue gun, scissors, and afternoon tea? Check.

Glue gun, scissors, and afternoon tea? Check.

Lace or ribbon? Check.

Lace or ribbon? Check.


Hot glue your print to your mat board. Don't use a lot, a few dots will do. PLEASE line it up first :) A ruler can be helpful. Next start gluing down your boarder lace or ribbon. When you get to the corner fold it over and keep going but be careful to line it all up before you put any glue down. Look at those professionally cut edges...




You know, I like it. It's not too bad for using only materials I had on hand. It fits into "eclectically" decorated home. Rest of my decor is not very feminine and so the lace doesn't over power. Have fun people!  

Winter walks and muddy boots

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A little story for your Monday morning. I'm not much for hibernating, I start to feel a bit claustrophobic, my imagination shackled and withering (insert dramatic sigh). So my children have followed me in my winter walks- determined excursions with the point of finding beauty and fresh air. My oldest is full of adventure and curiosity and nature is an excellent educator. It warmed up a bit this week which meant my littlest could walk, instead of being carried in our Ergo. The cuteness was almost too much to bear! 


On our way home K found a pinecone. "Wook Mommy! A baby pinecone! 


"What! It not hab babies in it!" Once he discovered it "not hab babies" and wasn't edible, he threw it to the dogs. Why he was confused, I don't know. We regularly hunt for pinecones, they're not a novelty to him! Crazy kid. 

Sweet needy nursling

Sweet needy nursling

DSC_0427 copy.jpg

We walked and played for over an hour until this happened. I decided you aren't a bad mom to take your sick-ish child outside to play, but you might be a bad mom if you keep him out after his feet get wet. ;) 


Taking your children outside before spring can be daunting. Most of us manage to get out a few times to play in the best snowfalls of the year but I know many who don't seem to go outside past that. Maybe it's not your cup of tea. Or maybe it just seems like so much work- especially if you have more than 1 kid. If you'd like to be that person who manages to get outside during winter to do more than just run to the car, here are a few tips: I take Karsten out to play at least once a week, if not more. When it's too cold for babies we go during Isaac's nap time and it isn't for very long. That lessens the work required to get out the door. It's SO helpful to have EVERYTHING by the door before you mention your plan. When we walk before dinner, Isaac is often carried in the Ergo. I've also heard from several people that carriers painful to wear. If you're using a Bjorn or original Infantino- of course it's uncomfortable! I don't know who made those things but I'm pretty sure they never carried a baby in it. I have moderate lower back problems and find the Ergo perfectly comfortable. There are now some great copy cats for cheap prices. We bought the Ergo for it's durability to last through several children and the fact that it fits my 5'4 self and 6'6 husband. AWESOME. Here are a few links! 

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Tissue paper pom pom mobile

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Hi I'm Domestic Felicity and we're going to be making a tissue paper pompom mobile for a nursery. Tissue paper pompoms are common decorations. You might already know how to make them. They make really impressive large party decor. But we're going to be using them to make an unconventional baby mobile. To make a large pompom I'm going to be using...

* 2 packages of tissue paper (8 sheets to package)
* Scissors or wire cutters
* Wire

I’m a sucker for these things. They remind me of peonies or ballerina skirts which reminds of me of Edgar Degas. It makes me happy.

Lay them on top of each other and start folding. This is going to make a really large and full pompom. To make a smaller but full one just take your one package of tissue paper and cut it in half. Lay the 2 halves on half of each other and fold it in the opposite direction than we're going to be folding it. For this one we're going to take both ends put together. Fold them in an inch to an inch and a half increments. Then we're going to fold it in the other direction. You just keep folding it until you reach the very end.

Now before we go any farther I'm going to take a length of wire. Make sure it's fairly long for this project. Clip it and then find the middle of your folded tissue paper. Taking your wire we're just going to twist it to attach it. I like to trim the ends of my pompoms in a half circle so it gives it a floral look.

Once you have your pompom cut we're going to start spreading apart the layers. I like to start in the middle and then spread from there. This can prevent tearing. If you use really cheap tissue paper it will rip apart in shreds and you won't have much left. I've done that before. So..spend the money on a half way decent package of tissue paper and you'll have a product that lasts longer.

I'm a sucker for these things. They remind me of peonies or ballerina skirts which reminds of me of Edgar Degas. It makes me happy. Once you spread out the layers of paper use your hands to fill in any holes where there might be some missing and then you're done with your pompoms! You can also make small pompoms so you have a variation in size and color. Now to make our mobile we're going to be connecting several of the pompoms together creating kind of a bouquet of pompoms that hang above the crib. I find it easiest to start at the bottom and work my way up. I'm going to use this pink one for my bottom then attaching as you go. Now that we've twisted all the wires together our colorful pompom mobile is ready to be hung up. To hang your mobile first pre-drill a hole. Then screw in the eye bolt. String your mobile through the eye hole and twist the wires until they're tight. This tissue decoration makes a bold and stunning nursery mobile. Thanks for watching and have fun guys!

Embroidery hoop nursery decorations

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Hi this is Domestic Felicity and today we're going to be doing embroidery hoop nursery decorations. These are really sweet and simple projects. We're going to be using three different sized embroidery hoops. Some nails and a hammer to put them on the wall.

* Glue
* Scissors
* 3 types of fabric

You might want to embroider your hoops or if you don't know how to embroider or don't have the time. You can find a fun fabric you really like. Vintage chenille blankets give me a lot of inspiration and are a lot of fun to work with. I'm going to use the chenille fabric for the largest hoop. So pull the hoops apart, using the interior hoop. I'm going to place glue around the outside of the interior hoop. Once you've gotten all the way around the hoop. Take your chenille fabric and lay it over the hoop.

Now using other outside hoop, loosen it all the way up. We're going to plan where we're going to put it. Usually the screw goes at the top. I'm going to try and make sure my pattern is vertical and even. Then press on my hoop. Then I'm going to gently tighten it just a little bit. Using my fingers to pull the fabric through so it's not loose. Once you're finished just tighten the screw here. Turn it over and we're going to trim off any extra fabric. Flip your hoop over and you're finished!

I love coordinating hoops of different colors and sizes. So for these two small ones, I'm going to use two different types of patterns that coordinate with the chenille fabric. We're going to the exact same process for both of these.

I really like doing decorations like this because when you go to the big box stores and look for baby decorations often they're overly feminine or overly baby boyish and I don't like my house to feel like it's been overcome by pastel baby colors. This is a great way to add some really sweet but adult decor to a baby room.

Now your hoops are finished and these would be perfect for any room in the house. All you have to do is hang them on the wall. You can pick fabric that truly represents your personality. Thanks for watching and have fun guys!