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Prefold extended tabs on a budget!

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I am one proud mama today. Dilemma: Disgusting water. It even smells. Not the good well smell. The treated-city-water-but-still ridiculously-hard smell. We can't afford a softener and I cloth diaper.This,and not enough soap for said hard water, resulted in ammonia burns on my poor little guy lastmonth.I like my fitted and Bum Genius diapers however I cloth diaper to SAVE MONEY. This doesn't happen when I have to wash them twice and then rinse them forever! Solution: Prefolds.Dilemma: (whiny voice) But prefolds are ugly!


I am so happy with these I'm going to pin them on my Pinterest board and then put them in my "DONE" folder!

In case you're interested these are made with 1 layer medium weight bamboo fleece, 1 layer decorative cotton fabric, and some have a stitched in panel of bamboo for extra absorbency, some have a layer of thin cotton french terry and some have a flannel panel. I stitched inside the diapers very little so the diapers would wash and rinse as easily as possible.

I used my infant sized prefolds to figure out the size. I simply added a couple of inches to the length and tabs on to the tops. This is an old polo of Matt's that had become dingy from being washed with something red. The absorbent layers are bamboo fleece and a layer of cotton french terry from an old hooded baby's towel. I bought the bamboo on Etsy.

I stitched the terry onto the diaper below the tabs to save on bulk.

I then stitched around all three layers leaving a hole about 4 inches unstitched at the top to turn inside out and then sewed the sides about an inch out from the seam.

And TA-DA! All done :)

This may seem like I was TRYING to be artsy- adding texture etc. Really I procrastinated too long, ran out of indoor light and had to move to our back deck.

Little baby newborn diaper! :D