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How To Succeed At Breastfeeding - Video

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I was able to share some facts and tips on how to succeed at nursing

How to Succeed At Nursing is the first of many videos I'm going to be posting with Mates Media through their channel YouLearnedMeBaby.

Hi my name is Christina from and today we're going to talk about how to succeed at nursing.

This can be a tricky subject for a lot of moms and I don't want you to feel any judgement if nursing hasn't worked out for any reason in the past. Sometimes we have no control of whether nursing works for a particular baby or not. Medical conditions of your's or your child's or lack of milk production might get in the way. This is not your fault.

If you're not producing enough milk there's plenty of things you can try but if you try all those things and none of them work then there's no guilt on your part. If an infant has a loving mother and nursing doesn't work out. In the end it's only food.

There are a few key things you can do on your end to succeed at nursing:

A good lactation consultant is worth her weight in gold. At the hospital after delivery you should have plenty of nursing help.

Some families have a well established history of nursing mothers. These woman can provide you plenty of support and care and make nursing a normal transition for you.

However I found that even more women don't have that kind of supporting history. If this describes you. It's so important to find friends or other moms in the community who can help you and support you in your transition. These ladies can give you advice, funny stories and help you through the first few hard weeks. They can help with simple things like suggest their favorite nursing covers, nipple creams and help problem solve when you're having issues.

And lastly, I think as important as finding support is learning how to nurse in public. I've met so many young moms who have given up on nursing simply because they felt like they needed to stay at home all day.

  • Asking questions will help you to get faster at nursing
  • Having a support network will help nursing normal to you
  • And nursing in public will give you the freedom to go wherever you need to go

There are several ways to nurse discreetly in public. There are a ton of nursing cover styles that have a strap that goes around your neck so the baby can't pull it down or when you get good you can just use a receiving blanket.

If you have more questions about nursing discreetly you can check out our video on Discreet Nursing. Which will be up soon.

If this feels daunting to you. Start with a family member or a couple of friends at your own home. Then move on to a public location where they have a secluded little spot that you can sit in.

One idea is going out to lunch with a couple of friends and finding a booth that know you nurse easily in. Use their support to overcome your fears.

I want to emphasize that if it becomes impossible for you to nurse and you're finding that your baby isn't gaining enough weight. And you've tried everything you can. Then there is no guilt or shame in choosing formula!

Mothering is so much more than just nursing! What's important is making healthy decisions for your family.

Once again, my name's Christina and thanks so much for watching!