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What do people do for a first blog post? Maybe a little background information? Or do you just jump in with pictures of your first quilt block (I'm sure you care)? An introduction sounds much more appropriatethanmy first love ring square. So... here it goes ;) My husband announced he was creatingablog for me some where around 2 years ago and after much convincing, many life changes and much debate on the style, feel, and function of this little site (read pain in the butt, micro managing, indecisive client who finally said, “you know what you’re doing and I don’t” for my poor designer husband) it is finally arrived. I know the masses have been waiting with baited breath, haven’t you masses? Why blog?To record. To celebrate. To share. To encourage and be encouraged.

Who am I? I am from a town full of friendly smiling faces, many of which are Amish and Mennonite, about 40 minutes south of the Michigan border in Indiana. I grew up insulated by corn fields, lovely neighbors, and an abundance of sunshine where I learned that life truly is about so much more then just getting by. First, the longings of my heart and the beauty of the starry sky told me, then the Bible did.

I moved to Indianapolis for college where I learned that the Church is diverse, beautiful, and messy. I learned that the answers to life’s problems are simple but people are complicated. I was also introduced to the fellowship of believers at Heartland Bible Chapel in central Indiana.

I graduated with a degree in counseling and moved directly to Syracuse, NY for my soon-to-be husband. I worked for a terribly (line out the door) busy Starbucks where I practiced my not so fantastic barista skills daily until I was hired as a family case worker for Catholic Charities- a beautiful job with beautiful people. After two years in NY my husband and I decided that perhaps Heartland Bible Chapel in Hartford City was where we wanted to be. Just as I was dragged kicking and screaming from my home town to Indianapolis, Indianapolis to NY, so I was dragged bad attitude and all back to Indiana. I hate moving.

So here we are living in what one neighbor calls the “shoe box house”, doing youth ministry and life with Heartland, raising our little family and striving to love those around us as Christ loves them.

What I'd like to (loosely) focus on are problems common to man and Biblical counseling issues as a way to refresh my memory. As we walk with people in discipling relationships so many opportunities come up and I know that I could be much more effective if I was working through the abundance of material we have. Maybe that will change. I don't know. What I do know is that I will type with prayer and much trepidation knowing I am to be pleasing to God in ALL things. Words carry life and death in them. My prayer is that they would be filled with the aroma of Christ.