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I have new hair pieces I'm about to add to my Etsy site, until then... New quilt gift! Love these prints. I found most of the gray and yellow prints on clearance at Joann's. Much of their cotton prints are sub par but it was nice to find some fairly good quality fabric. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow-gray fad going on (I don't dislike the color combo- I dislike that every one is doing it. Hater. I know. But I'm not the one who will be changing my whole color scheme in 2 years ;) but this is for someone else and combined with the bright reds and teals it makes it look less fad-ish and some thing that can stand the test of time.

This picture might not look like much. That's because it's not! Introducing my failed attempt to build raised garden beds without a drill gun. Like always, my aversion to the drill has created MORE work. When will I learn this lesson? For some reason digging out the drill feels like SO. MUCH.WORK. It's not.

And finally! Introducing one whole wall finished. When we bought our house we REALLY wanted to avoid it. This old house is not a jewel in the rough. It was literally the only house over 1,000 sq ft available to rent or buy in our price range for over 3 months. I'm not over exaggerating. It was like the Lord had put a big ugly arrow over it and gave us no other options.

2 points to make:

1. I know they're dark.

2. I know my kitchen is dirty. I have bronchitis and am in the middle of the previously mentioned projects ;)

And lastly: IT'S spring!!!! Karsten was a hot item among the animals.