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Confession time.

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1. I don't like 100% grass fed beef. It tastes too... beefy. I like my meat corn finished. There. I'm out of the wanna-be organic closet.

2. I mostly hate salads.

3. I like epidurals.

I thought I could be a natural birther. I read the books. I breathed the breaths. I listened to the hypnotic lady telling me how much I was made to do this.

And then I spent 4 hours in active labor dilating to 5 centimeters and decided I was a wimp. I like an epidural and I'm not ashamed!

My husband was in charge of me going as long as I could with out pain medication. However, he is: a. a bigger wimp than I am and b. was watching the Bills game (with my permission). He gave me a "code word" that I won't repeat because decent people visit this blog. One that I also don't use but since he's a bit of a heathen, enjoys when I say it. Knowing I loathe the word, he said he wouldn't "ok" an epidural until I said it. Jerk.

The conclusion that I've come to: I'm educated about child birth. I know my rights. I know the risks of pain relievers and epidurals for the mother and baby. Intervention begets intervention. I WANT to be that woman who fights through it. However 3 long back to back hard contractions and I'm done in... Chicken? Yep. And this is not a hill I am willing to die on. I love my epidurals.

End of confessions.