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Dill pickles!

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Ultra Domesticity. I have a garden. It’s quite ambitious for a first time big girl garden. Never mind that I don’t know why my onion stems are falling over, when my potatoes are done or how to string up tomatoes. No biggie. I also tried to transplant a potato plant forgetting that it was a tuber. I think that was my lowest point.

However, I am vindicated! Today processed THESE:

Super easy as long as you have the right recipe. Don't over think pickles. Before I go any further I need to thank Meghan for this recipe! They are dill PERFECTION!

All you need is:


fresh dill

GOOD garlic (yes, there are different kinds of garlic)

4 cups white vinegar

1/2 cup salt

3 quarts water

glass jars with lids

I made refrigerator pickles. Unless you're planning on canning them you won't need canning jars with sealing lids. I did can about 8 jars to see how it went but for the rest I mostly reused salsa and sauce jars.

Boil the vinegar, salt, and water for about 10 minutes. This is called a brine. It still needs to be hot when you pour it over the cucumbers.

You will need to wash and sterilize your jars before hand. I do this by throwing as many as I can in a stock pot of boiling water. My grandmother microwaves hers. I prefer this because I'm going to need hot water anyways if I'm canning.

Cut your cucumbers

[Edit: Right after this picture, while using my very safe Pampered Chef slicing mandolin, I sliced off the top of my thumb. Please- save time by using a mandolin but utilize the finger guard. It's NEARLY idiot proof.]

Pack your sterilized jars with a couple of garlic and some dill

Then pack in your cucumbers, pour over your still very hot brine and lid! When it's cooled place your jars in the fridge and you're done!