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The post in which I don't whine about being tired...

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Wow it’s been a busy couple of months! What we’ve been doing out here in the middle of nowhere:

Getting pregnant. Yep. Smart? Maybe not but the Lord is our provider and he says we won’t starve. I’m 4 months and it’s obvious!

Matt and a friend started a media business. Making money takes time. We’re broke. Feel like being generous? We take donations ;)

My time has been spent doing videos for Matt and Nate, learning photography for them, digging a large garden which I pray will supply most of our food for the summer and fall and youth ministry work.

It’s been a long couple of months full of what-ifs, hard labor, sweat, and sweet sleep. I’m tired. I say this to myself many times daily. I’m tired. It’s not always a complaint. Some days it’s thankfulness. I enjoy and need the sweaty hard work of a shovel and hard clay earth. Of weeding and planting.

These are a few of the most recent pictures. Comments? Criticism? I’m wide open, but be nice because I’ve only been learning for three weeks now :)

Somehow, once I uploaded these photos the site has faded them and they now have a grain... not cool. I'll have to get my nice husband on that!