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Easy no-sew bed canopy giveaway!

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I'm SO happy with how this canopy turned out! In stores you can spend $50 or more for a good one. I'm also excited to give this canopy away! Who doesn't like free things? You DIY mamas work hard to make a beautiful home, I'd love to contribute to your little one's special room. Just follow the directions below the video and the canopy could be yours!

Hi I'm Domestic Felicity and we're going to be making a bed canopy. This adorable bed canopy is super simple to make using things you already have around your house or craft supplies that are easy to get a hold of. You're going to kick yourself for not knowing it before.

For this project we'll be using...

   * Large quilting hoop

   * 2 sheer curtains

   * Scissors or wire cutters

   * Sturdy jewelry wire

   * Eye hook

Unless you're going to be using it over the bed of a small child or infant, in which case you're going to be wanting to make sure that you attach the canopy into a stud. This canopy could present a strangulation hazard to small children and infants. So it's really really important that you attach it to a stud using a long screw if you're using it for small children and infants. First taking the wing nut off of our embroidery hoop. Just pull these pieces off and then gently pull the screw out.

Now using our curtain panels you want to find the end of the panel that has the widest section. So the top has two stitches here. I'm going use the bottom. Next I'm going to slide the curtain onto the hoop. There's one side done. We're just going to do the same thing to the other panel. Now we're going to reattach our hoop and slide the wing nut back on and tighten it on. Don't go too far though because we're going to be using the bottom piece of the hoop.

Now using the bottom piece of our hoop. We're going to run a string of wire from one side to the other. Making sure they're attached carefully. We're just going to twist the ends to attach it. Then pull it across and pull it tight and do the exact same thing to the other end. Now taking the hoop with the curtain on it your'e going to straighten out the curtain as best you can. Lay the other part of the hoop down on top and tighten it just so it will sit. Not too snug because we still have to finish straightening our curtains. Now taking another piece of wire the same length as before I'm going to to go across here. We're going to attach the first end around both hoops. Now coming straight across I'm going to find where my curtain parts and take the wire and attach it on this end as well. Next we're going to take another length of wire and this is the last length of wire we're going to use. And create a connection here in the center that will come up and form a loop so we can attach it to our eye hook. Take my wire. I'm just going to run it underneath the inner section of both wires.

Pull the wire up and twist. This is where you're going to control how far from the ceiling your canopy hangs. If you want it flush with the ceiling you want a much shorter wire. If you want it to hang down a little bit then you need a longer wire.

Now lastly we're going to straighten our curtain out. You just want to prevent any bunching and spread out the gathering evenly. Once you have everything straightened you're ready to hang it up!

To hang up our canopy first we're going to pre-drill a hole using a drill gun. Then we're going to hand screw our eye hook in. Next thread the wire through the eye hole and twist the wire to tighten. Making sure that it's very secure.

Now you're done! Canopies are a lovely way to add a touch of comfort and elegance to a baby nursery. Thanks for watching and have fun!

Boutique Hair Bows

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When making boutique hair bows, you're definitely going to want to make sure that you have tools available like a lighter, scissors and an alligator hair clip. Make boutique hair bows with help from a former family case worker for CPS in this free video clip.